Articles and Tips

    Would you like to know hot to quickly setup your Telementor?, how to use its setting circles?. Enjoy from the following articles that will help you to use the Zeiss Telementor at its best! 

Setting Circles and Polar alignment
By Tom Teague. HP-38G programming by Luis Argüelles 

A Computerised Telementor
How to adapt Digital Setting Circles to your Telementor. By Neil McCaughan

Adapting an after market finderscope to the Telementor
The Zeiss Telemator did include a 7x42 finder. The Telementor lacked one. Here is a cheap alternative!. By Gary Beal

A Customized Telementor. An ATM Project
From a Zeiss C63/840 lens cell, a complete first-class refractor can be built. Read on in order to know how to get it!. By Patrick Anway

A Compact, Light-weight, Altazimuth Mount
After assembling a "Zeiss-Anway" OTA, you probably will need a suitable mount for it. Quality and Transportability are the keys here. By Patrick Anway
Starfest 2003 
Attending Meetings is one of the more excitings activities for an amateur Astronomer, and Astrofest is the most important Star-Party in Canada. Patrick Anway describes his experiences in the 2003 edition.

Two big-small telescopes:
Brief facts of amateur Telescope Making
Another ATM project for assembling a Zeiss 63mm and 50mm aperture refractors. By Paolo Morini



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