Proud Telementor Users. A Complete Report
User: Marco Garoni


Location: Ravenna, Italy, EU 
Telementor user since: 2003 
Observing Site Classification: Urban
Preferred sky objects: Moon, Sun, PLanets 
Telementor's best view: Jupiter and Moon 
Other telescopes: Intes MK67 Maksutov-Cassegrain diam 150 mm f.l. 1800 mm

Do you remember the first day using your refractor?. Experiences?, Observing?. Did you remember the date (year)?

The first observation was made, obviously, as soon as the lens cell was fitted in the tube. The daylight observation of the bell tower of “Bagnacavallo” town showed immedaitely the superior quality. The real first light was in the night, two days later, on Saturn, Moon and some double stars.
Astonishing! The stars were really ... pin-point!

Which is you favourite observing site?. Conditions of the site (weather, limiting magnitude, altitude, transparency, "seeing".., etc)? 

My favourite site is every open place were staying with friends and sharing the beauty of the heavens. But when I am alone I don’t move a lot. I observe from street level near my house (bad transparency, medium seeing, limiting mag around 3 naked eye ... in a good night!)

What type of sky objects do you prefer to observe with your Telementor/Telemator?

Of course ... everything!, but I prefer planets, Moon, double stars and, from time to time, our Sun.

What is your best achieved view or the most incredible view you have got with the Telementor?. What is the most beautiful sky object observed with your refractor? 

Well, Jupiter, Jupiter, and them, I almost forgot .... Jupiter !

What eyepieces do you use?. Other accesories?

I use mainly an 8 mm Plossl eyepiece by Clavè and a 6 mm Zeiss on planets. On the Moon, a 12 mm Clavè and a 15 mm Celestron.

Have you compared the small Zeiss with other telescopes?. What were your experiences on this?

I tested it side by side with my 15 cm Mak. Well, 15 cm makes a lot of difference, but the quality of the image is stunning.

Are you happy with your refractor?. Pros and cons?

VERY much, more, having made by myself the OTA it light and very easy to use. Cons? The finder, but it’s by Meade ... and this explains everything.

Clear skies, 

Marco Garoni


((c) 2001-2004, Luis Argüelles. Oviedo, Spain