Second hand Market

In this section, you can insert an add for selling or buying Zeiss Telescope equipment. This is a free service intended exclusively to make it easier for Zeiss users to trade or exchange aquipment and accesories. In any case these pages don't represent a guarantee that the equipment will meet the descriptions given. Also, every liability is declined from both these pages and Luis Argüelles as the owner and director from this Web site. 

Every add will be "alive" here for a period of 3 months. Then it will be removed, although the seller/buyer can e-mail me again in order to renew the add. 

For placing an add, simply write an e-mail to Gebrauchtmarket

Every add will need to have the following information: 
Seller/Buyer's Name 
Description of the equipment 
E-mail address 

Seller's Name: Gerard Mesure, France.
Sells: Zeiss Telementor, T Mount, tripod and standard accecsories.
Date: 22nd, March, 2005
Price: 800 Euros + shipping



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