Observations made with the Telementor

Planets Observing

The long focal ratio of the Zeiss Telementor, its exquisite contrast and superb correction of every optic aberration converts this scope in a fantastic small instrument for planetary observing, rivalizing easily with other telescopes with more aperture. In this section you'll find some fine pictures and sketches of the Planets, taken using different techniques; from conventional film cameras to CCD devices and digital still cameras. 


Saturn image taken by Gary Beal (New Zealand)



   Subject: Saturn after being occulted by the Moon
   Location: Sena de Luna, 80 kms South from Oviedo, Spain
   Date: 3rd, November, 2001
   Taken in afocal mode with Baader Planetarium Eudiascopic 35mm + Ultima 2x Barlow (48x)
   Camera: Olympus C2000Z


(c) 2001, Luis Argüelles. Oviedo, Spain