Holos-Photo.com, by Ludwig Argüelles

Born in Spain (1959), he studied charcoal drawing with maestro Antonio Mendibil before entering the Technical High School of Architecture in Valladolid University. Maybe this fact has been the reason behind his always black and white photography.
Antique Milesian philosophers from Greece were convinced that a virtual space in the universe called Holos did exist where all the ideal mathematical models, both known and unknown, did reside. Holos would be the source, the Cosmos its manifestation.

In the same way, maybe all the existing images, present, past and future, do exist in an Holos-Photo space. This website is an invitation to discover the virtual world of black and white photography, a gateway from the real world towards selected captures of spacetime.

How to navigate this site

First, press F11. Aside the introduction at left, an animation at bottom is changed every two weeks in order to let this page to be always alive.

Every gallery contains 10 photographs where every click on a picture advances to the next one in a cyclic way. Clicking on the small square at top-left brings you here at any moment. The reason of this implementation has been to give an easy user interface to the visitor and avoid to bore him/her with an excessive number of pictures.

Every month, a guest photographer is personally invited to share his/her pictures. Needless to say, only first class amateurs or professionals are able to fulfill the high standards of Holos-Photo
For contact Ludwig Argüelles o leave your comments, only click on info@holos-photo.com


Gallery #1: Cafes and Bars [1]
Gallery #2: 1:1 proportion
Gallery #3: One instant in life [1]
Gallery #4: Matters of men and women (glamour)

Guest Photographer: Carlos Morales-Mengotti

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