Luis Argüelles: A small resume

Forum Choice: Olympus Forum

Main data:
Name: Luis Argüelles
Age: 47
Location: Oviedo, Spain (43º 21' N, 5º 50' W)


- Standard university studies at the Technical Superior School of Architecture, University of Valladolid, Spain (1985)
- Graduated in Astronomy (Swinburne University, Australia, 2005)

- Languages: Aside Spanish, English, German and some Italian.

- Computer experience: Without mentioning the standard Windows package, I’m fluent in several computer languages, including C and Lisp. In my work, geometry is important, so I regularly use CAD software. At work, my main area of interest is Fuzzy-Logic based systems in engineering.

- Actual position: R+D Department Director in an underground coal company in the North of Spain.

Web activities: Back in 1998 I founded a Web based network of double-star observers located all over the world. Named “The Spirit of 33”, (a.k.a. S33), we have observed thousand of double stars, using the website as a place to store all the observations. Actually, the S33 archives are the de-facto standard source of information for amateur astronomers on the Internet that enjoy to aim their telescopes to double stars.

Aside publishing the observations, I also created a forum, being always responsible of its moderation, for members of the S33 Group:
(previously it was

In these years I’ve moderated more than 22,700 messages.

Photographic experience: I started in photography back in 1974 when my father gave me a second-hand Zeiss-Ikon Contaflex. Actually my favourite cameras are the Leica-M system and the Olympus-OM system (probably the reflex system that Leica should have designed). I own several OM bodies and lenses, although my preferred set-up is an OM-1 and Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 “Silvernose” lens. More than 80% of my photo-gear is bought nowadays on E-bay. You can see some of my photographic work both at and also at

In this year (July, 2006) a Spanish editorial has published my first book: “Café Dindurra”.

For digital, I own also an E-500 with a 11-22 mm Zuiko lens and several Nikon primes that are mounted on the E-500 by means of an adapter. About digital treatment of images, I have experiences on astrophotography (high-distinction marks on my Swinburne studies for that Unit), knowing almost all the tricks of the trade on CCDs, digital image enhancing, etc.

Draft policy for the Olympus Forum:

First, I would like to say that I agree at 100% with your words about Groups moderation on Photo-Net. From here, I think the Olympus Forum should have more activity, so one of my goals will be to promote participation, trying at the same time to create an atmosphere of friendship in users of the Forum.

I’m strongly against war-flames, although in my experience, if a Group is well moderated and with a established sense of “membership” between members, the occurrence of war-flames is minimal.

Another feature that I think is really important for a Forum in PN is the “Words/no words” type of postings. I will strongly encourage these ones, suggesting also that members always give a link to their PhotoNet folders where more pictures can be seen at a larger size.

18th, September, 2006